Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh, This is Going to Hurt

Hello again!
I've been off for some time. The effort I put out in the Spring sort of burned me out a little, so I've stayed off the pitch for most of the summer. I'm back now and I'm refreshed.
This coming weekend, I'll be working a large Labor Day weekend tournament. I just received my assignments and my schedule falls into the "be careful what you wish for" category. The good news is I'm on one of the fields with the high-level teams. The assignor for this tournament is familiar with me and he knows I've been working quality games lately. The field is turf too, so it should be a little easier on the legs. The bad news is my first game is 7:45am and my last game is...7:45pm. Ouch. We do have a break in there for dinner, but it is a very long day. I'll probably end up working about 7 games on Saturday and another 7 on Sunday.
That said, I'm still looking forward to working!


Geoff said...

Good to see you posting again; looking forward to whatever insights you have over this season.

Similar "careful what you wish for" issue here, came back to refereeing for the first time in decades, and the local group is throwing me into upper division youth rec games. I understand why but definitely not the full easing back into it I expected heh.

Good luck in the upcoming season!

Advantage said...

14 games this weekend? You are correct, OUCH! I'd try to bow out of some of those matches. That seems way too many for one weekend.

I have a tournament this Saturday that has me doing 3 games. I'm hopeful that they will be easy U10-U12 signature matches.

Sunday, I have one match: A GU15 final in another tournament. It's a fairly competitive tournament, and the weather is supposed to be upper 90's. I'm going to do my best to avoid any other games on Sunday, just so I'm ready for the final.