Friday, May 9, 2008

Referee Game Log - I want your input

Outside of being a referee, I'm also a software developer. I often look at my personal computing needs through the eyes of my profession, and I see a need for a decent game log for soccer referees. Currently, I keep track of my game data in a simple spreadsheet. It works ok, but it's not really useful for reporting and it's hard to find a particular game. I think a well designed game log would be very useful for several reasons:

  • Yearly USSF recertification form asks for your game count

  • Upgrading has a game count requirement

  • Type-written game reports are neater and often more consistent

  • Easier to keep track of fees, mileage etc. (assuming the right software features)

Send me your wish list! I'm interested in what you'd like to see in a referee game log! What do you do now? What kinds of information do you want to track? Should it be web-based? If I actually write this, would you be interested in testing it? Thanks.


barks said...

I am building a soccer referee game log for upgrade submission. Having searched for a while I have found nothing suitable for my needs. I guess it will be an excel spreadsheet with some math functionality built in to separate and sort information, such as adult, premier, co-ed, youth, diagonal system, tournaments, cautions and send offs, assessor, controlling region, etc.

I thought about a Web based system (I am also a designer/prototyper at Microsoft)but excel will probably be the best bet for now.

Nick Barling

Unknown said...

I have been using google drive and their Form option, where you basically create a series of questions and check boxes and then pull up a page that has the form on it. You submit all of the information and then hit send, it then puts it all on a spread sheet that is numbered. I have one for assistant and one for center. Mine includes: final score, home team name, away team name, date, time, location, age group, boys girls or coed, team size, level of play, amount of crew assigned, crew member names, half duration, and what color I wore. I will send an email tomorrow with a more text.